Birth & Rebirth
new beginnings in monster hunting

The de Lanza brothers approach the fortified outpost of Haven, one of the most reputable and oldest monster hunting guilds on Gigas. This particular outpost is located west on the continent, in an area known as the downlands. Surrounding the central fortification of the guild is a settlement of temporary structures and some more permanent structures in mid-construction. The area is alive with business as people move between the fortification-proper and the settlement outside its walls. Guards stand at key points, their eyes often focused on the horizon with little attention paid to individuals that enter and exit the guild.

Ezramir, the slightly younger of the de Lanza's, has led them to Haven on his own particular quest of warriorhood. Waploo, for the sake of his brother's safety, has followed him. Their arrival to the outpost is unceremonious.

Haven is a busy place. Foot traffic has created packed dirt pathways between the interior buildings of the outpost. The individuals seen are equipped with adventuring gear and some carry bloodied sacks of unknown contents. They all walk with a purpose.

The brothers inquire with the guards on how they can obtain entrance to the guild and are directed towards the tower of Wilhelmina, The Wisewoman.

They find and enter the tower. It is a dusty place with bookshelves lining the walls and wood tables set end-to-end down the middle. A woman sits at a table at the back; she possesses youthful features framed by the weathering effects of sun and stress. Her hair is cropped short and she sits at a narrow rectangular table, her back curled over an old tome.

The woman introduces herself as Wilhelmina and briefly quizzes Ezramir and Waploo on their motivations behind joining the guild. Seemingly satisfied with their responses, Wilhemina informs them that before they can set them up with their introductory assignment, the guild needs to ensure that they know how to handle themselves out in the wild. She instructs them to head to the training grounds where they will find their next guild contact, Sam Wyrr, who will instruct them further. 

At the training grounds, Ezramir and Waploo are grouped together with two other individuals, both elves. One with indigo skin and white hair, the other with copper skin and dark hair. Elves are unusual in Gigas, though not entirely unseen. The attendees to the training grounds seem weary of them but say little of their presence.

Ezramir, Waploo, Sardeth, and Quavo perform acts of skill against a few of the training ground dummies and are given approval to continue in their guild induction. They return to Wilhelmina with this news and she informs them that she will need an hour to consult with her clerks on an appropriate assignment to give them.

The newly formed party spends time at the local inn where some rather viscous and chewy red "wine" is procured. By the time they go to meet Wilhelmina again, Sardeth has a slight buzz.

When they return to Wilhelmina's tower again, she and three of her clerks are consoling a young woman. The young woman wears clothes finer than your average adventure, though they are wrinkled and dirtied. The woman looks tired and her hair falls around her face unkempt.

The woman's name is Victoria. After a brief exchange, it is revealed that Victoria has traveled for two weeks after narrowly escaping a raid on the monster hunting guild she served. She is the only one to survive.

The clerks listen on in horror. Wilhelmina expresses her condolences and promises to offer Victoria as many resources as they have available. Resources are tight for Haven, they always have been but she will give all she can.

At that moment, the party's entrance is noticed. Wilhelmina has the idea to bring them in to assist Victoria, and Victoria can serve as a major asset to Haven and the party members given her already vast experience with monster hunting. 

An accord is made. The party accepts Victoria into their ranks and Victoria agrees to help as long as she can exact her ultimate goal: vengeance.

The next step for the party is to visit Jon Mercy. Wilhelmina gives the group a piece of paper outlining the basic tenets and requirements of their first assignment: delivery of a package to a secluded alchemist in the forest.

The package is in the possession of Jon Mercy who runs the general store. By the time the day's events have concluded, it is early evening. The party decides to end their day at the inn and pick up in the morning.

Adventure Logs/Session Logs
a message from the DM

I will endeavor to post session logs on the Wednesday in between games. Writing the logs takes me at least an hour, if not more. So dependent upon my schedule, that cadence may shift over time. :)

If anyone wants to write the logs one week, that would be super helpful.  It may even be a neat experiment to have some sessions logs written from the perspectives of characters (if you're into that sort of thing)!


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